“Spaces aligns perfectly with us”: How the female factor found its hybrid work homes with IWG

“Spaces aligns perfectly with us”: How the female factor found its hybrid work homes with IWG

Committing to a hybrid work model is one thing, but finding the workspaces that truly complement your business and people? That’s another challenge altogether.

For the female factor – a global community working to close the gender gap in corporate leadership – a seamless cultural fit was found with IWG’s network of Spaces locations, which provides the group’s base in Vienna and workspaces for its team members across the world.

The female factor’s philosophy goes hand-in-hand with the benefits offered by hybrid work. According to research in our ‘Cracking The Glass Ceiling’ white paper on female empowerment in business, 88% of women believe that the flexibility offered by hybrid serves as an equaliser in the workplace. In addition, 66% said the model has led to them experiencing fewer biases, whether due to gender, race, or any other factors.

To find out how the female factor is embracing hybrid work and getting the most out of Spaces, we caught up with co-founder and co-CEO, Mahdis Gharaei.

Hi Mahdis! What inspired you to start the female factor?

From my experience working in different industries, I noticed the gender disparity and the multitude of challenges women face in various facets of their lives. I was driven to address these issues and actively contribute to seeing more women in the rooms where decisions are being made in our business world. The female factor was born out of a desire to create a supportive and enriching environment for women globally, but also with the idea of driving change towards a more inclusive world of work.

Do you think hybrid working can help women in their careers?

 Absolutely. Flexible or hybrid working arrangements provide women with the opportunity to manage their time effectively, balancing personal life and professional commitments. It not only increases productivity but also allows for a healthy work-life balance, which is often a challenge for women due to societal pressure and family expectations.

Why is Spaces a good fit for the female factor?

As a remotely organised team, we needed a workspace solution that was as flexible and dynamic as we are. Currently we have our main office in the beautiful Spaces Square One in Vienna, but our remote team members benefit from access to the wider Spaces network, meaning they can drop into any location near their home. With a remote-first team spread throughout different countries, we believe the Spaces brand perfectly aligns with us. We love the global approach, which echoes our international reach.

Also, as we have a strong appreciation for aesthetics, we wanted a workspace that matches our brand in terms of design and feel. Partnering with IWG and Spaces was the perfect solution for both of these needs.

What is your favourite thing about the workspaces?

The openness and natural light that Spaces offers is something I absolutely love. It fosters a positive and vibrant atmosphere that encourages collaboration and creativity. We've customised our workspace to be more 'female factor'-centric, with decor and designs that reflect our brand. Additionally, Spaces offers fantastic facilities for hosting events, which we regularly utilise for our community gatherings.

What advice would you give to other companies thinking of going hybrid? 

Embrace the change, but do it in a way that suits your company culture and the needs of your team. Hybrid models provide flexibility, but they also require clear communication and a solid digital infrastructure. It's important to ensure that your team feels connected and valued, whether they are working remotely or in an office.

What can we expect from fhe female factor in the future?

Our vision for the future is bold and ambitious – which, I guess, it’s got to be – to live up to our mission of closing the gender leadership gap. We will continue to expand our reach and bring ‘fhe female factor’ to women and organisations globally.

We are also rolling out our global "Leadership: Redefined" movement, introducing a new era of leaders via 365+ people from across the globe telling their stories. We'll be utilising Spaces locations worldwide as hubs for the initiative, where these conversations and connections can blossom.

If your business could also benefit from access to over 4,000 workspaces worldwide – with scalable membership and customisable offices – get in touch with us today.