IWG rolls out rapid hybrid expansion in Cairo, Egypt

IWG rolls out rapid hybrid expansion in Cairo, Egypt

We are proud to announce the opening of new flexible workspaces across Cairo, expanding the benefits of hybrid working in a thriving commercial city.

Over the next year, four new Regus centres will be coming to the Egyptian capital, as well as a state-of-art Signature location at The View in New Cairo – all converting local real-estate into lucrative flexible workspaces.

These new locations come hot on the heels of two recent Regus openings at Paramount Sheraton Heliopolis in October 2022 and Arabella Plaza in March 2023, showing the rapid proliferation of hybrid facilities in the city.

With ways of working changing dramatically in the aftermath of the COVID pandemic, building owners are looking to convert their empty space to join the rapidly growing flexible workspace market – set to grow 600% by 2030.

IWG brings flexible workspaces to the heart of communities around the world, helping employees to tap into better quality of life, allowing businesses to reap the rewards of using modern, scalable premises, and enabling building owners to capitalise on the opportunity of changing worker habits.

Hybrid working in Cairo

Modern Cairo is home to a vast range of industries, including tourism, manufacturing, finance and technology. In the last decade it has also become a hub for tech startups, with incubators and accelerators helping new businesses grow, supported by significant government investment.

State investment has also spread to the development of mega cities and transport infrastructure, with improved roads, railways and metro systems connecting neighbourhoods in Cairo and beyond.

Rapid commercial growth, allied with an increased focus on employee wellbeing, has seen the hybrid market expand in Cairo, and IWG’s fast-growing network will see multiple locations transform working life in this sprawling city. Traditionally, commutes to a company headquarters can take up to two or three hours, so it’s no surprise that demand for high quality flexspaces close to home continues to increase.

The new locations

The new Regus workspaces will be opening in the areas of Sheikh Zayed City, New Capital, Maadi and Maspero in downtown Cairo. Thanks to the increasingly well-connected nature of the city, the spaces will offer easy access to Cairo's iconic buildings and landmarks, including The Egyptian Museum, The Cairo Tower and the Opera House, not to mention the city’s historic centre, with its mosques, hammams and bazaars.

Meanwhile, the New Cairo location known as The View, opening towards the end of 2024, will be the very first Signature workspace in Egypt. Signature offers upscale office environments in prestigious locations, and the new centre will slot seamlessly into its impressive modern surroundings. The location lies 19km away from Cairo International Airport, providing a convenient and eye-catching base for travelling workers.

Flexibility, productivity and efficiency

Businesses in the region – and indeed around the world – are realising that if employees can work at home and in local flexspaces part of the time, companies can reduce the need for large, expensive office spaces. This makes scalable hybrid solutions a popular choice,  as businesses look to make cost efficiencies while keeping pace with growth and expansion opportunities.

Studies suggest that hybrid employees  are often more productive than those who come into the office headquarters every day. They can pick an environment that is conducive to their personal work style, helping them focus and work effectively. This means a better work-life balance, reduced stress and improved wellbeing, all of which contributes to improved morale and a better bottom line for the business.

With both employees and businesses benefiting from hybrid, partnering with IWG to capitalise on the movement has become a prime opportunity for building owners, property investors and franchise operators. IWG can adapt buildings of any size and has brought hybrid hubs to airports, train stations and hotels, as well as new-build complexes such as those emerging across Cairo. Tapping into IWG’s 30 years of expertise, partners can benefit from a full fit-out and launch, as well as access to a global sales and marketing platform.

The future of work in Egypt

IWG’s Country Manager & Sales Director for Egypt, Youssef Najeeb, is optimistic about the impact of hybrid in the country. “I can see a lot of multinational companies coming to open in Egypt and having hybrid workspaces is a big attraction to them,” he says. “It creates huge job opportunities in Egypt and boosts the economy.

“It also builds a healthy work environment for Egyptian employees who used to struggle from the old style of work. Commuting to the office in such a high traffic city can take two to three hours.”

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