IWG Brings Premier Working Facility to Ethiopia

IWG Brings Premier Working Facility to Ethiopia

As more and more businesses embrace the benefits of hybrid working, IWG has grown to meet this surge in need with significant global expansion. Partnering with select franchise operators, a region of focus continues to be the burgeoning East African market.

It’s easy to see why businesses and investors look favourably upon East Africa. Its political stability,  improved regulatory landscape, strong economic development and diverse market of around 120 million people make it fertile ground for new business. IWG’s brands have already established a strong foothold in Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Zambia, Mauritius, Rwanda and recently Djibouti, providing the coworking and office facilities necessary to help East African businesses join the flexspace revolution.

IWG is now set to unveil another business facility in the region, with a new Regus opening soon in Ethiopia's business hub, Addis Ababa. Located on the 3rd floor of The Place Building in the heart of lively Atlas Bole, it’s the ideal location to collaborate, invigorate and also wind down after a day’s work.

Opening in 2022, the Addis Ababa facility will provide businesses with a fully-equipped, accessible, and connected facility for meetings, conferences, and collaboration of all kinds with disabled toilets and abundant parking.

The facility

Regus workspaces are engineered for optimal comfort, flexibility, connectivity and productivity, and the new facility in Addis Ababa is no exception.

With high ceilings and abundant natural light, it’s designed with the wellbeing of members in mind. Super-fast broadband, on-site administrative support and regular networking events will ensure workers feel supported at the new facility.

It also features a stylish lobby and living rooms, plus break-out spaces for relaxed, informal working. It aims to inspire, connect and support as well as facilitate, providing everything teams and individuals need to thrive.

As always, the solutions on offer are flexible and scalable, helping businesses to maximise value for money with a plan that suits them.

The location

Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia, contributes over 50% of the country’s urban employment, lending it strategic importance for IWG’s East African expansion.

While Ethiopia has dabbled in flexspaces since the first co-working facility opened in 2011, over a decade later Ethiopia only boasts around a dozen dedicated flexspaces. By bringing the Regus brand to Addis Ababa, IWG aims to bring added flexibility and prestige to the city’s nascent flexspace scene.

The new Regus workspace is located on Cape Verde street, in the heart of the bustling Atlas Bole district of Addis Ababa. Home to a diverse array of businesses and organisations, Urael is a cosmopolitan area that is dotted with a number of foreign embassies and businesses ranging from real estate to textiles.

After a day’s work, members will find no shortage of places to dine, relax and chat, with numerous cafes, lounges and hookah bars within easy walking distance.

Ethiopia is one of the world’s fastest-growing economies, making it a natural home for flexible workspaces that empower both businesses and their employees.

Hybrid Global Growth

Flexspaces enable East African enterprises to join the hybrid revolution, while overseas organisations can expand their operations and presence in the region. Situated at prime locations, the flexible and comprehensively-equipped workspaces are the perfect place for teams to meet, confer and collaborate outside of company HQ.

Hybrid working makes for a more resilient workforce, providing them with a mutually-convenient location to work together face-to-face outside of the conventional office space. Offering greater flexibility and scalability, these spaces are perfect for bringing teams together to prevent them from feeling isolated or disconnected from their work when working remotely.

IWG has again worked with franchise partner Salaam Properties on the Addis Ababa office, which has a proven track record in the region.

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