IWG Adds Three More Locations to Hong Kong Portfolio

IWG Adds Three More Locations to Hong Kong Portfolio

New Regus and HQ locations in the bustling hub of Hong Kong create new opportunities for businesses and property investors. 

IWG is expanding its footprint in Hong Kong with three new locations, courtesy of a joint venture in partnership with Hysan Development. They include a new Regus location at the iconic Grand Century Place, a new HQ coworking space at K11 Atelier, and another HQ location coming soon to Causeway Bay’s Leighton Centre. 

The openings signify a growing appetite for hybrid working among Hong Kong businesses and workers, as the flexible workspace market continues to grow in Asia.

Helping Hong Kong get more out of hybrid

The addition of these new locations has expanded the footprint of IWG to 21 locations in Hong Kong, with a total of 37 across the Greater Bay Area. The success of the expansion speaks to how readily businesses and workers in Hong Kong have embraced the flexibility, productivity, savings and ecological benefits that come with hybrid working.

As IWG consolidates its presence in the region, each workspace aims to bring a higher standard of hybrid working to Hong Kong, with high-quality modern furnishings, fast and reliable connectivity, and flexible solutions that enable businesses to scale their desk space up or down depending on their head count. Furthermore, with so many locations now available across Hong Kong, hybrid employees can choose a workspace closer to their home than ever before, cutting commute times and improving work-life balance. 

Why Hong Kong loves hybrid

Hong Kong’s strong business acumen and highly educated workforce have made this special administrative region attractive to businesses for many decades. In the wake of the pandemic, the city’s businesses have demonstrated flexibility and adaptability by embracing the benefits of hybrid – and workers have been cognizant of the benefits.

Research by Cisco in Hong Kong shows that:

  • 80.8% of employees in want a hybrid work arrangement
  • 81.7% of employees feel that hybrid working makes them happier
  • 80.5% have improved their work-life balance
  • 82.6% have saved money
  • 72.2% feel their relationships with their families have improved

Businesses also realise that presenting employees with hybrid working options can help them attract and retain the best talent while also boosting productivity and reducing overhead costs. 

An era of opportunity

Paul MacAndrew, Country Manager for IWG in Hong Kong, has observed that, “More and more companies are downsizing office spaces to efficiently manage their office footprint, save cost and meet the growing demand of a hybrid workforce. Flexibility will be critical for companies of all sizes moving forward and IWG not only provides the flexibility, but also the scale and coverage companies need to manage a hybrid workforce.”

With mainland China relaxing its borders with Hong Kong and Macau in January 2023, this brings a host of opportunities for Chinese companies to establish a presence in Hong Kong without the barriers of excessive cost or commitment.

The opening of these new Regus locations shows that there’s never been a better time for property investors, owners and franchisees to partner with IWG and make the most of the new world of work. 

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